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National E-Waste Collection Service We collect redundant IT equipment locally and Australia-wide, through our national e-waste collection service.


No-Cost Computer Recycling Wherever possible, we strive to use any residual asset value to offset the cost of e-waste recycling. In many cases, there is absolutely no cost to the client.

Secure Data Destruction
We place a heavy focus on privacy and data security. Our ‘Full Service’ disposal option ensures that any data on disposed assets is irreversibly destroyed during the e-waste collection and disposal process.

Rebates for Valuable Assets
In many cases, clients will receive a financial rebate on any assets which have sufficient resale value in secondary market.

Responsible Computer Recycling & Disposal
Every asset we receive is recycled in accordance with the ISO 14001:2004 standards for environmental management and sustainability.

Comprehensive Tracking & Reporting
Under our ‘Full Service’ disposal option, assets sent for disposal are individually logged and tracked as they progress through the computer recycling process. Our propriety tracking software, G1 Advantage, allows you to track every item by serial.

ISO Certified
ISO Certified
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