Case Study

Dell Solutions Center — Enterprise IT Showroom Relocation

Relocation project of over 200 enterprise server assets and 9 racks to new showroom location.

G1 Asset Management was recently contracted by Dell to handle the relocation of their Solutions Centre in Sydney. Dell’s Solutions Centre is a demo facility for enterprise networking equipment, and naturally contained a number of sensitive, high-value server and networking assets.

The approximate value of the assets to move was over AU$2,000,000, and the move was to be completed within a 24-hour window.


G1 arrived on site and individually prepared each of over 200 servers, switches and storage devices for transit, including wrapping sensitive areas in high density foam before loading onto specialised vehicles with air-ride suspension to avoid excessive vibration during transit.

“We are very happy with the results and thank the G1 team for the excellent job that was done.”

Lachlan Botticchio — Manager, ANZ Solutions Center, Dell

G1 provided Dell with specialised transit insurance that would cover the value of the stock in the unlikely event of a traffic accident or damage during transit.


In addition to over 350 RU of enterprise equipment, the project required the transport of 9 full-height server racks. The project was complicated by low vehicle height restrictions which required the server racks to be laid down for transit.

G1 was able to safely and gently lower each rack on a bed of foam to be secured in place for transport. All 9 racks were transported safely to the new location.


 The project was a great success, and was completed within a single day with only two day’s notice from the client.

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