4 Benefits for E Waste Recycling in Schools and Universities

How can schools and universities take part?
schools and universities e waste recycling

Are you considering setting up an e waste recycling program at your school or university? Since educational organisations purchase and use a lot of electronic equipment, they are in a unique position to help make a positive shift against the trend toward the growing electronic waste problem in Australia.

Benefits of e waste recycling

E waste recycling initiatives in Australian schools and universities are growing in popularity. Why? Because electronic recycling is a smart investment, offering an array of benefits, including economic savings and environmental, social and educational benefits. Best of all, they are easy to set up!

Here are some of the reasons why your school should consider creating an e waste recycling program.

E-waste recycling saves your school money on waste disposal

By choosing to work with a reputable e waste recycling company such as G1 Asset Management, your school can receive a financial rebate on electronic items that have resale value. This will help your school recover some of the original costs of purchasing electrical equipment.

E-waste recycling educates students about the environment

Setting up a recycling program is a great way to teach students about the environment, personal responsibility, community action, sustainability and natural resource management. E-waste recycling initiatives can easily tie in with school curriculums through economics, chemical sciences (what electrical materials are made from) and geography (mapping and impacts of landfill).

E-waste recycling helps your school’s reputation

Building a strong school-wide sustainability program can help improve your school’s reputation in the community and gain public recognition for environmental achievements.

By implementing simple initiatives such as educating students about recycling programs and selling electrical equipment, your school can make a strong difference in how your community as a whole manages waste.

E-waste recycling benefits the environment

E waste is the fastest growing form of waste in the world and in Australia, and this trend is growing year by year. Taking a proactive approach to e waste recycling helps protect and preserve Australia’s unique and beautiful natural environment, including our waterways, soil and beaches.

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