G1 Asset Management in the Media

G1 Asset Management in the Media

Since relocating to Yatala in late 2014, G1 Asset Management has kept more than 500 Tonne of electronic waste from landfill through their dedicated recycling service.

Their story recently caught the attention of 7 News and Newscorps, Gold Coast Bulletin.


Electronic waste is growing three times faster than any other type of waste in Australia with millions of televisions, computers and mobile phones discarded each year.

With schools wrapping up for the year and businesses looking to upgrade their tech for the New Year, a focus on recycling IT equipment couldn’t come at a better time.


In the past 12-months, G1 Asset Management recycled 127 Tonnes of e-waste from private business and schools with the vast majority of equipment being reused and kept out of waste.

G1 Asset Management provide corporate e-waste collection services, secure data destruction and environmentally sustainable IT disposal solutions.

In 2017, they were contracted by Dell to handle the relocation of their Solutions Centre in Sydney with only a couple of days notice. The G1 team in Sydney safely relocated over 200 high-value enterprise IT assets with a value of over $2,000,000 to Dell’s new corporate IT showroom.

As industry pioneers, G1 Asset Management has engineered a number of Australian Firsts’ including the innovation of custom-made relocation tools and a purpose-built, secure destruction area for upholding data security.

They are passionate about staying ahead of the pack and are best placed to service organisations with more than 100 staff across the East coast of Australia.