Reasons for Recycling E-Waste

Reasons for E Waste Recycling

Reasons for Recycling E-Waste

Did you know that Australians are among the highest users of technology in the world, and that e-waste is one of the fastest growing waste types in our country?


Of the 15.7 million computers discarded in Australia in 2008, less than 10% were properly managed and recycled through e-waste recycling.

E-waste recycling, also known as electronic recycling, is one of the best ways to ensure your businesses consumption of electronic goods – whether you own a mobile, a computer, television, or home appliances – does not detrimentally impact our environment.

Protecting the Environment

Recycled materials from obsolete electronics can be used to make new products. By recycling e-waste with an e-waste recycling company that knows how to sort, itemise and dismantle your electronics properly – either by converting them into raw materials or recovering value from working parts via resell – you can help conserve valuable natural resources.

How does converting e-waste into reusable materials work? E-waste recycling makes it possible to extract and combine the natural elements found in e-waste into new materials, such as aluminium, copper, plastic, mercury and acids. This means the toxic materials in your television set or computer – for example – can be reused efficiently in a new electronic item, instead of harming the environment.

Collection Readily Available

To make disposing of your ‘end-of-life’ electronics easier, there are e-waste recyclers who can collect and recycle your e-waste for you.

G1 Asset Management offers free e-waste recycling in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. Our services offer many benefits:

  • We make supporting environmentally responsible practices convenient and stress-free
  • We provide excellent value with a free pickup and dismantling service
  • Any data on your electronics is irreversibly destroyed to ensure your privacy

Get a Reward

Not swayed by the massive environmental benefits of e-waste recycling? How about the possibility of financial compensation?

If you have a significant number of electronic items that are still in working order, they may have resale value. G1 Asset Management can arrange a rebate for you to help you recoup the original cost of your electronics. With our extensive network of electronic parts dealers across Australia, we ensure you receive the best value deal for your electronic assets.

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E-waste recycling is an important practice for all Australian businesses. Request an e-waste collection today by emailing or simply call 1300 953 771.