Corporate IT Asset Relocation Services

We provide IT relocation services that ensure the safe, smooth transport and redeployment of your company IT assets and network infrastructure.

Your IT Assets moved without a hitch

From end-user workstations to loaded server racks, your IT assets are in safe hands.


G1 Asset Management specialises in performing safe, smooth relocations of corporate IT assets. From end-user workstations through to core server infrastructure, we ensure that your mission-critical IT assets arrive ready to work.

Hire IT specialists, not just removalists.


Relocating IT equipment demands a higher degree of specialisation than moving furniture. Our skilled team of IT professionals understand the additional challenges of data security, sensitive hardware and asset accountability, and have the experience to ensure your move goes exactly as planned.

End-to-end transition services, from removal to re-deployment.


Free up your IT staff by allowing us to handle the entire relocation process. We provide a complete array of end-to-end relocation solutions, including cable management, testing, deployment, decommissioning and recycling of redundant IT assets.

A tailored approach to every move.


Every IT relocation is different, which is why we work closely with your IT and administrative teams to ensure that we seamlessly fit into your existing rollout plans. We can be as hands-on or as hands-off as required, with the flexibility to adapt to changing business requirements.

Our IT Relocation Services

Pre-Relocation Services

Disconnection & stocktake

Assets are safely disconnected from power and network, followed by a full pre-move stocktake of assets prior to transport.

Legacy cable cleanup & make-good

We can strip existing cable from desks as well as wall, sub-floor and roof cavities to assist with end-of-lease cleanup requirements for your commercial space.

Server de-racking & removal

Servers and networking equipment will be removed from racks and prepared for safe transport and re-deployment.

Cleaning & sanitisation of IT equipment

Ensure your IT assets remain hygienic and dust-free with our pre-move sanitisation services. Our technicians will wipe down keyboards, mice, phones and monitors and remove dust from devices to promote hygienic and efficient device operation.

Transport & Logistics Services

Internal IT relocations

We routinely assist companies with intra-office relocations and the reconfiguration of IT assets due to internal restructuring or building renovations.

External IT relocations

Securely relocate your assets nation-wide with our fast, secure and completely accountable inter-city and interstate relocation service.

Packaging & asset protection

We will carefully and securely package your IT assets prior to transport to ensure the safety of your devices. Special care is taken to protect the integrity shock and static-sensitive devices.

Interim storage of equipment

To assist with the logistics surrounding your move, we can provide temporary secure storage for your assets to reduce internal storage requirements.

IT redeployment services

Installation & cable management

Neat cable management helps to reduce desktop clutter and promote efficiency. We can also implement security cables if required to protect against theft.

Test and tag services

If your existing assets are being relocated or reused, we can provide test and tag services to ensure that your older IT assets are safe to use and compliant with Australian electrical standards.

Power and network connectivity testing

Our technicians will ensure that all newly deployed workstations are correctly connected to power and network endpoints. We can also work with your technical team to start software deployment processes as required.

Decommissioning & E-Waste Recycling Services

Decommissioning of redundant IT assets

We provide a comprehensive and secure IT asset decommissioning service, integrating secure data destruction with our ISO approved e-waste recycling process.

Secure Data Destruction

We provide the highest levels of data security through our internal data destruction process.  All data-containing devices will under complete data sanitisation and a certificate of data destruction will be issued.

IT asset buybacks

If your redundant equipment still has realisable market value, we may be able to provide a financial rebate or buyback to help you recover this residual value. We provide upfront rebate pricing prior to commencement of any job.

E-Waste Recycling

Equipment and materials with no potential for direct re-use is recycled through our ISO-compliant e-waste recycling process. Raw materials are extracted and integrated back into the manufacturing supply chain.

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