Corporate IT Asset & E-Waste Disposals

Secure, efficient & flexible corporate IT Asset Disposals with competitive upfront rebates for working equipment.

 Upfront Rebate Amounts

We provide competitive rebates for the disposal of medium to large quantities of working IT equipment. Our rebates are based on an upfront agreed rate per asset prior to your e-waste collection, ensuring complete transparency and no surprises. Our upfront rebate process also allows us to pay you much sooner – we ensure that all rebates are paid in full as soon as possible after your e-waste collection.


Comprehensive Audit Reporting

Using our proprietary e-waste disposal management software, we can track the complete history of each individually disposed item. All serial numbers and asset tags are recorded alongside specifications, testing results and data destruction details. Detailed collection and asset audit reports are provided after disposal to ensure complete accountability.


 Complete Data Security

Our ‘Full Service’ e-waste disposal option includes secure data destruction of all physical media, including hard drives, tape drives, flash memory devices and solid state storage media. After data destruction, all drives are re-scanned and verified to ensure 100% of data has been removed. In cases where we are unable to wipe data using software methods, the media is physically destroyed and shredded, ensuring complete data security.

 Flexible Collection Times

We can arrange an e-waste collection of IT assets at specific times to suit your requirements. If you need us to collect and recycle computers within a specific time window, split collections over multiple days, or collect from multiple locations, we can arrange it. An after-hours e-waste collection service is also available, however this may incur an additional charge.


All Types of IT Equipment Collected

From desktop computers and laptops to servers, printers and networking equipment, we can collect all types of IT equipment. We will also collect any other electronic waste at the same time – cables, packaging, accessories, ensuring a complete e-waste disposal solution.


Waste Diverted From Landfill

We ensure that all e-waste collections are disposed using only the most environmentally optimal methods. Items are dismantled and broken down into raw materials for recycling, and working equipment is refurbished for reuse. A recycling certificate is provided with each e-waste collection to certify that no disposed assets were sent to landfill.


  • Secure Data Destruction
  • Asset Audit Reporting
  • IT Equipment Buybacks
  • Server De-Racking & Removal
  • Server Rack & Photocopier Removal
  • Sustainable E-Waste Recycling
  • Mobile Device Disposal

Nationwide Collection Coverage


Through our dedicated collection facilities and trusted logistics partners, G1 Asset Management has the ability to collect IT equipment from sites nationwide.


From single-site collections through to complex logistical operations, we provide versatile solutions to suit you and your business.

We’re ready when you are.

Request an E-Waste Collection

If you have IT equipment or electronic waste ready for disposal, please request a collection and we will be in touch soon with an upfront quote or rebate price.

Talk To Us About IT Buybacks

For marketable volumes of high quality, working equipment, we provide competitive rebates based on residual market value. For an upfront buyback price for your assets, please contact our disposals team.