Melbourne E-Waste Collections & Corporate IT Disposals.

G1 Asset Management provides e-waste collection services, secure data destruction and environmentally sustainable IT disposal solutions.

Melboune E-waste Recycling Service

As a Melbourne business, how do you manage your computer recycling and e-waste disposal? The easiest, most efficient and environmentally responsible way to recycle electronics is to seek the help of a professional computer recycler.

For SMEs and corporate businesses, there can be significant value locked up in superseded electronic assets. Yet a lack of awareness, expertise, time, or personnel stops businesses from turning that old equipment into cash.

With e-waste recycling, you can:

  • Claim rebates on old electronics that are still working
  • Capture customer loyalty with your business’ eco-friendly policies
  • Ensure all sensitive business data is irreversibly destroyed
  • Make sure your business obeys Australian e-waste regulations
  • Recoup some of the costs of outfitting your office

Melbourne professionals in e-waste recycling

G1 Asset Management specialises in safe, environmentally-friendly e-waste collection and disposal in Melbourne. Our team of experienced IT professionals can help you liquidate your unwanted electrical equipment responsibly and with maximum returns.

Melbourne businesses entrust their e-waste collection to us because we satisfy five main concerns:

  1. We get the best financial return for assets
  2. We are environmentally friendly
  3. We comply with all waste disposal regulations
  4. We do not impact the day-to-day business
  5. We protect data

Allowing us to handle your e-waste recycling needs means your IT team can focus on managing your systems, optimising performance, and minimising business costs.

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Does your Melbourne business have a financially smart, eco-friendly way to dispose of e-waste? For convenient e-waste collection and recycling in Melbourne, get in touch with our team today.

Our IT Disposal Services

Data Centre & Server Disposals

G1 is routinely responsible for the removal and decommissioning of servers and networking equipment from within secure data centre environments. Our services include de-racking of assets and the removal of server racks.

IT Equipment Buybacks

Assets which have residual market value may be eligible for financial rebates as part of the IT decommissioning process. We will provide guaranteed buyback pricing upfront so that your exact financial return can be locked in.

E-Waste Collection & Disposal

We collect redundant IT equipment & e-waste from businesses Australia-wide. Wherever possible, we will attempt to provide a free or low-cost service by using residual value from the disposed equipment to offset our costs.

Secure Data Destruction

Data security is our absolute priority. We offer a variety of guaranteed data destruction methods, to ensure that any data contained within disposed assets is irreversibly destroyed during the e-waste disposal process.

On-Site Asset Decommissioning

Our staff can arrive on-site to perform pre-disposal decommissioning services, including disconnection and removal of assets from desks, clearing of cables and consolidating equipment to a central location.

Photocopier / MFP Removals

Our team is well experienced in the safe and efficient removal of photocopiers, MFPs, UPS enclosures, batteries, servers and other large and heavy IT assets. Using specialised lifting equipment, even the heaviest items can be removed without hassle.

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Request an E-Waste Collection

If you have IT equipment or electronic waste ready for disposal, please request a collection and we will be in touch soon with an upfront quote or rebate price.

Talk To Us About IT Buybacks

For marketable volumes of high quality, working equipment, we provide competitive rebates based on residual market value. For an upfront buyback price for your assets, please contact our disposals team.