Our E-Waste Recycling & Disposal Process

From initial collection through to final reporting, all assets are logged and tracked through G1 Advantage, our proprietary asset management software – ensuring accuracy and transparency throughout the entire e-waste recycling process.

Collection & Transport

We collect and recycle computers, laptops, servers and other IT assets from offices, schools, universities and businesses nationwide. Equipment can be removed from a central location, or directly from office desks, classrooms or data centers as required. For assets at multiple physical locations, collection and logistics are organised and managed.



Every asset which arrives at one of our e-waste recycling facilities is checked in to our proprietary asset disposal management software, G1 Advantage. Detailed information of each asset is recorded, including serial numbers, asset tags and internal specifications. This begins the audit trail for each item, which can be viewed at any time through our online client portal.


Data Destruction

Digital storage media can contain employee records, business critical information and other private and confidential data. As such, we destroy data on every individual hard drive, tape drive, flash memory device and solid state storage media contained within assets for disposal. All data destruction is performed to the highest military-grade standards, and total data destruction is verified after wiping. In some cases, software-based data destruction does not completely destroy all data. For these items, the media is physically destroyed to ensure complete data security.


Testing & Grading

Once all data has been destroyed, items are tested for operability and also graded by physical condition. Any defects are recorded against the item and added to the audit report. This detailed information helps to determine the market value of an item, which in turn determines the most optimal method of e-waste recycling.


Itemised Reporting

Reports are then generated which provide a complete audit trail of the assets disposed, including the serial numbers of each individual hard drive or other media which has had data destroyed. Recycling reports are also generated which confirm that during the e-waste recycling process, no disposed items have been sent to landfill. A rebate for items of significant value is also paid to the client when applicable.


Resale of Working Assets

We first ensure that all client-identifiable stickers or markings are removed to ensure there is no way to link an asset back to the client. Then, assets which have value in the secondary market are sold to offset other e-waste recycling costs.


Dismantling & E-Waste Recycling of Remaining Assets

Assets with no resale value are dismantled and components are sorted by raw material. Raw materials are then 100% recycled or reused, no electronic waste is ever sent to landfill.

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