Corporate IT Asset Deployment Services

We provide IT deployment services that reduce the demand on your technical staff during IT deployment and relocation projects.

Solutions To Make Your IT Deployments Easier

IT Asset Receipt & Warehousing


Large scale deployments often have large temporary storage requirements. We can receive and securely store your assets until they are needed, saving valuable floor space on-site.


If required, we can perform pre-deployment tasks such as applying asset tags or deploying images. As soon as the assets are required on-site, we will pick, pack and transport the equipment to wherever it is needed.

On-site unboxing, installation, cable management and testing


Let us handle the labour intensive tasks that deployments at scale require. Free up your technical team to handle high-level tasks while we handle the physical movement and installation of machines to desks.


Promote clean desks and efficiency with flexible cable management that will stay tidy and practical for the life of the system. We can also provide secure locking solutions to enhance the physical security of your valuable IT assets if required.

Secure decommissioning of your end-of-life IT assets


Make way for your new equipment with our comprehensive IT decommissioning and recycling service. We provide certified data destruction, detailed asset reporting and ISO compliant e-waste recycling solutions.


If your old assets still have residual market value, there may be opportunity for a financial rebate. We are happy to provide an upfront, unconditional rebate valuation for your existing IT assets.

Case Study: Bond University (QLD)


We recently worked with Bond University to facilitate a multi-site on-campus IT deployment project. The project consisted of the receipt and secure storage of assets, followed by on-site installation and the removal and decommissioning of old redundant assets.


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Our Deployment Services

Pre-Deployment Services

Receipt of IT assets

We will receipt your IT assets to our secure facility and provide itemised, comprehensive reporting of assets received.

Pre-deployment storage

Reduce on-site space requirements by storing your pre-deployment stock at one of our secure storage facilities.

Asset Tag Application

We can apply your company asset tags to each device and provide comprehensive reporting linking asset tags to devices.

Transport and relocation of assets

From small ad-hoc deliveries to full deployment rollouts, we will pick, load and transport stock on demand wherever and whenever it is needed.

Deployment & Installation Services

Installation of end-user workstations

We will remove any redundant systems and proceed to unbox and deploy the new workstations to each user’s desk. Any packaging and old systems will be removed from site.

Cable management

Neat cable management helps to reduce desktop clutter and promote efficiency. We can also implement security cables if required to protect against theft.

Power and network connectivity testing

Our technicians will ensure that all newly deployed workstations are correctly connected to power and network endpoints. We can also work with your technical team to start software deployment processes as required.

Test and tag services

If your existing assets are being relocated or reused, we can provide test and tag services to ensure that your older IT assets are safe to use and compliant with Australian electrical standards.

Decommissioning & E-Waste Recycling Services

Decommissioning of redundant IT assets

We provide a comprehensive and secure IT asset decommissioning service, integrating secure data destruction with our ISO approved e-waste recycling process.

Secure Data Destruction

We provide the highest levels of data security through our internal data destruction process.  All data-containing devices will under complete data sanitisation and a certificate of data destruction will be issued.

IT asset buybacks

If your redundant equipment still has realisable market value, we may be able to provide a financial rebate or buyback to help you recover this residual value. We provide upfront rebate pricing prior to commencement of any job.

E-Waste Recycling

Equipment and materials with no potential for direct re-use is recycled through our ISO-compliant e-waste recycling process. Raw materials are extracted and integrated back into the manufacturing supply chain.

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