IT Asset Deployment Services

Flexible Solutions To Assist With Your Next IT Deployment

Outsource and simplify your IT asset deployment strategy

We provide a range of end-to-end IT asset deployment services. From receipt and imaging through to deployment and cable management — we can assist in streamlining your IT deployment processes.
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    On-Site Deployment, Cable Management and Testing

    Let us handle the labour intensive tasks that deployments at scale require. Free up your technical team to handle high-level tasks while we handle the physical movement and installation of machines to desks.

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    Pre-Deployment Receipt, Storage, Imaging and Logistics

    We can handle the receipt and storage of your assets until they are needed on-site, saving valuable floor space on-site. We can also deploy images and attach asset tags to streamline your deployment process.

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    Secure Disposal of Redundant IT Assets and Electronic Waste

    Make way for your new equipment with our IT decommissioning and e-waste recycling services. We provide comprehensive data destruction, asset reporting and ISO compliant e-waste recycling solutions to suit your requirements.

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Available IT Deployment Services

Every IT deployment project presents different risks and challenges. We'll work together with you to plan and execute a solution that ensures the safe and efficient deployment of your IT assets.
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    After-Hours Deployments

    For IT asset deployments requiring after-hours works, we can arrange for jobs to performed on weekends or overnight.

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    Asset Receipt and Storage

    We can facilitate the receipt and secure storage of OEM equipment orders, saving space and providing flexible logistics.

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    On-Demand Asset Delivery

    We will pick, load and transport requested in-storage assets on demand and deliver whenever they are needed.

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    Cable Management

    Neat cable management helps to reduce desktop clutter and promote efficiency. We can also implement security cables if required to protect against theft.

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    On-Site Asset Installation

    We will perform end-to-end installation of your IT assets deliver, including delivery, unboxing, testing and cable management.

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    Removal of Redundant Assets

    We will remove your end-of-life IT assets and pass them through our comprehensive data destruction and decommissioning process.

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