On-Site Data Destruction Services

Mobile data destruction solutions for compliant and secure erasure of your data containing drives and devices

Flexible and transparent on-site data destruction solutions

For when data security is of the utmost concern, we provide a variety of on-site data destruction options that allow the greatest degree of control over your sensitive corporate data.
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    On-Site Blancco™ Software-Based Drive Erasure

    Blancco™ is the industry leader in software-based data destruction, used by government and military throughout the world. Providing a complete and accountable record of data erasure, it is our most commonly used device sanitisation method.

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    On-Site Magnetic Hard Drive Degaussing

    We offer mobile hard drive degaussing using top of the line Garner™ degaussing units. A powerful magnetic pulse eradicates data from all traditional (non-solid-state) hard drives beyond recovery.

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    On-Site Crushing of Drives & Mobile Devices

    Where physical destruction is the preferred method of data destruction, we can perform on-site crushing of hard drives and mobile devices using our NSA-approved crusher.

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    On-Site Blancco™ Mobile Device & Tablet Erasure

    Blancco™ mobile device eraser provides software-based erasure and reimaging solutions for most mobile devices that ensure complete data security while allowing eventual redeployment of the erased asset.

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Data destruction is often only one part of the decommissioning process. We provide complimentary services that help to form a complete IT lifecycle management solution.
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    E-Waste Recycling

    We are accredited to recycle e-waste in accordance with AS/NZS 5377 standards, with certificates of recycling issued.

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    Server & Networking Disposals

    Our disposal technicians are able to remove assets from server racks as well as arrange the disposal of server racks if required.

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    IT Asset Buybacks

    We will purchase IT assets with sufficient residual market value. Where applicable, we will work with you to assess value and provide an upfront buyback quote.


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